What is your excuse?

Hey B.F.F. family,

I don't know about you all but I am so fired up! Before you give me the side-eyes give me a second to explain.

Yes, I am in quarantine like many other Americans.

Yes, our state has been placed under a stay at home order for the next 30 days.

Yes, schools have been canceled, and my children are at home 24 hours a day 7 days a week. And I have quickly become a home-school teacher as well.

Yes, I am completely out of my normal routine.

And yes, I am going a little crazy being confined to the house. But even in the midst of this pandemic, God is still in control! I'm not worried about anything! He is in control!

As I sat and reflected over the past two weeks one thing I know for sure is God's timing is perfect. He did not bring us this far to leave us, so I trust Him.

There are no sports to watch or participate in.

There are no weekly church services to attend.

There are little to few jobs to clock in to.

And the Holy Spirit asked, "What will be your excuse?"

So to my B.F.F. family, I pose the same question to you, "What will be your excuse?"

What will be your excuse to grow and strengthen your relationship with God?

What will be your excuse to grow and strengthen your relationship with your family? What will be your excuse to heal from your past hurt and pains?

What will be your excuse to build a better understanding of your finances?

What will be your excuse to lose weight?

Will you delay starting the book God has asked you to write?

Will you delay starting the business that God has urged you to start?

Will you delay?

I am urging all of my B.F.F. family to not let this time pass you by. The time is now more than ever. We must prepare for the battle that is to come. God did not call us to a place of isolation to increase our time on social media. He did not send this plague into the Earth for you to gain more weight. But to prepare His children for the battle that is to come. Will you respond yes to His call? Do not delay another second. He is ready to make a major shift in the Earth. He is ready to pour out His blessings upon His children. Will you rob Him of an opportunity to bless you?

God is raising up an army that will fight against the enemy. Will you run and hide or will you fight? Seek God so He may guide you each day. Establish a routine that first allows you to ask God to come into your day. Let the Holy Spirit guide you and lead you through the day so that God's will is done on the Earth. God is not asking for perfect children but progressing children. Children who want a growing relationship with their Heavenly Father. All you have is all you need, so trust and lean on God through this season more than ever. Our Father loves when His children need Him, so depend on Him.

I pray that you will not delay any longer. I pray that you will come out of this season stronger than you were before. I pray for each of you, that you will take each day during this season to mature, grow, and strengthen yourself in every way possible. I pray that your finances are stronger, your relationship with God is stronger, and your relationship with your family is stronger. I pray that you will take this time to heal your heart.

Share with us what you will be working on during this season.

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Love and Peace,


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