They were His Kids First

Hey B.F.F. Ladies,

Happy May! I know there is a lot going on in the world but I hope this month's post can encourage you.

This month on our blog we are going to hear from other mothers. They will share their testimony and their journey of motherhood with all of us. We can learn so much from each other when we are honest, open, and transparent. In other words "H.O.T." Realizing that no journey was meant to be traveled alone.

I recently had the honor and privilege to interview an amazing woman, Jennifer Bell.

Jenn is the mother of 2 children. She is married and through their union, she has been blessed with a bonus daughter. She is a surgical nurse and she and her husband faithfully serve at their church. She is a phenomenal woman and has a powerful testimony.

Through our interview, I learned that you must be vulnerable in your relationship with God. You must cast ALL your cares on to Him. If you have to ugly cry then ugly cry it out! Find a time, when it is just you and God to cast all your cares unto Him and ugly cry until you can't cry no more. I also learned that although God blessed us with our children they were His children first. Mindblowing! It says in the word that, "before I formed you in your mother's womb I knew you." Before God blessed us with our children He had a relationship with them before we ever got to hold them in our arms. He knows all the bad choices they will make and that alone should give you peace. The peace that He shall truly provide, protect, and love them just as He has done for us. Tune in for all the gems she shares with us!

Love and Peace,


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