Single but not Desperate

Hey B.F.F. Family,

This month at B.F.F. we will be talking about relationships. And first on the list is singleness! The dreaded singleness! Right??

WRONG!! We have gotten it all wrong! For so long! We are constantly admiring those that are in relationships or marriages. We are constantly reposting couple goals, relationship goals, and dreading the idea of being single.

And yes I said WE! Because for so long I didn't see the importance of this season. This time is not to be dreaded but to be enjoyed. This is the time for you to be selfish and pursue all the things that you desire. As mothers, we give and sacrifice a lot, so we must take time to figure out what God has for us outside of our children.

So if you are single I challenge you to do a few things:

1. Fall in love with yourself

Through Christ, you will discover who you are. You will have a solid foundation to stand on. You will not be swayed when others ask you why you are still single? You can answer with confidence that you are waiting on God's best!

2. Follow and pursue your passion

What has God called you to do? What has He placed in your heart? Take this season to pursue that passion. If you have yet to discover your passion this is the season to figure it out.

3. Prepare yourself for marriage

What is it that you desire in a spouse? Do you have a list of non-negotiables? If not, create a list of things you desire in your spouse. If you check yourself against those same non-negotiables how do you match up? If you can't match up, then I suggest that you work on those things that you desire that your spouse has as well.

Don't dread this season of singleness! But enjoy it! Do not idolize those in relationships or those that are married, because they have their own hurdles that they too must overcome.

Check out this great video that encourages us on our journey of singleness!

Love and Peace,


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