Serving is Key!

Hey B.F.F.'s,

I hope you all had another great week! I pray you all are safe and well.

For the month of May Bre'Gail and I have had the privilege of interviewing amazing mothers.

I am telling you they are a must listen to! Grab your favorite snack, pencil, and notebook to catch the gems these ladies have shared with us. If you have not had a chance to check them out yet you should definitely go back and listen to them. Each week the interviews have gotten better and better. And this week is no exception!

This week we got the opportunity to talk with Phylicia Thompson. She is a mother of two awesome kids. Phylicia is also a wife and has been married going on nine years. Mother, wife, entrepreneur, educator she wears many hats and does it so well. She shares with us how she does it without breaking a sweat.

Oh, and I can't forget! Phylicia and her husband Sam also have added Youtube to their list as well. They have a great channel that features married couples playing a fun but competitive game of "Who Knows Who Best!" Definitely check out their channel.

Ladies, if you are married or not, this interview is filled with great wisdom. We admire Phylicia and her ability to do so many things and do them all so well. With the many roles that Phylicia has, she also stresses the importance of serving others. Phylicia shares with us the importance of serving others through ministry. Her and her husband also serve at their local church. Just remember as believers of Christ that Jesus served and so shall we!

Ladies, if you have not gotten your pencil and paper yet, grab it because you will definitely need it as you listen to our interview with Phylicia. Enjoy!


Until next time



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