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Hey B.F.F. Ladies,

I hope every one of you had an amazing Mother's Day. I hope you were showered with so much love and gratitude on this day. I enjoy this day so much not because of the gifts or cards I get. But because of the things I can give to my mother. She has done so much for me and I can never repay her.

But for those B.F.F. ladies that no longer have their mother's physically here on Earth know that she is smiling down on you. And I know she is so very proud of you. As I see my own mother struggle on this day with my grandmother no longer being here I just want you to know we here at B.F.F. love you and ask God to wrap His loving arms around you on this day and forevermore.

So this week on our blog, Bre'Gail and I got the privilege to interview another amazing mother who is soon to be an empty nester. Crystal is a single mom to a beautiful daughter, Kamryn. Crystal and Kamryn are both very active in their church, and with Kamryn off to school soon Crystal is stepping into a new season of her life.

Crystal is a wonderful mother. She has continued to stay steadfast through her journey of singleness. She has raised a beautiful daughter who has also made a commitment to God to stay pure until marriage. And through our interview, she speaks on God's faithfulness. He has continued to keep her and her daughter through the years.

She shares the importance of being obedient and serving the season you are in! Ladies get your notepads and pencils out and tune in to her amazing testimony.

Until next time love and peace,


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