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Hey B.F.F.'s, I pray that this past weekend was filled with lots of laughter, love, joy, happiness, and the peace that only God can give. I understand that Mother's day can be hard for some of our B.F.F. sisters, and we don't take that lightly. Brittany and I always want to be considerate of those mothers who have lost children, children who have lost mothers or those who don't have the best relationship with their mothers and vice versa. We also recognize that there are those who have chosen not to be a mother at this time and those who are praying for God to bless them to be a mother. You ALL are in our prayers, and we are thinking about you.

As you all know, this month on our blog, we are highlighting some incredible mothers from all different walks of life, and we are so fortunate that they are sharing with us their powerful testimonies. Every year I am incredibly blessed to be able to celebrate Mother's Day and every day with my children and my mother, but my mom is not so fortunate. I know that she misses her mother every day because I miss my grandmother so much as well! But, GOD! With the help of God, my mother has made it through. So B.F.F.'s this month with the help of some amazing ladies we are here to encourage you all, whether you are married, single, divorced, motherless, hopeless, or can't seem to encourage yourself. Understand that God has a plan for you, and if He does it for one of us, He will do it for all of us. So this week on our blog, Brittany and I got the opportunity to interview another amazing mother who is a single mother of two little ones. Yessica is a beautiful soul, and her outlook on life is so positive you can't help but see God's light shining through her.

Yessica shares with us how she maintains a positive attitude and always looks for the bright side of things. As she puts it, "Happiness is not a destination; its a way of life."

Until next time, with Love, Grace and a Happy Face


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