Overwhelmed and Hopeless, But God!

Hey B.F.F. Ladies,

Happy Sunday! Where ever you are in the world I pray that you are safe and healthy. But if I can be completely honest with you all I didn't feel like posting this week. Outside of the normal technical issues I've been having with my computer and posting our interviews this week has been emotionally draining.

With the most recent murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery the collimation of these horrific murders has brought me to an emotional place of feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. I found myself many times mourning the deaths of complete strangers. Their faces are forever etched in my memory, names that I will not forget. And yet as I look at their faces on the tv screen I see myself. I see my brother. I see my father. I see my mother. I see my sisters. I see my family and friends. And most often I see my children! I am fearful that one day I'll get a call or knock at my door that these horrendous things have happened to someone I love.

Being in this low place emotionally I knew there was only one place that I could turn to, and that was our heavenly Father! "God did not give us a spirit of fear; but of power, love, and a sound mind, " 2 Timothy 1:7. In these moments of defeat, I turn to Him. I lay my worries at His feet. He is the Prince of Peace and although I know there is nothing I can do in my power to protect my loved ones from this cruel world, His word reassures me that He will protect them.

So ladies in these times I beg of you, turn to God and not our feelings. Tell Him how you feel. Tell Him about your hurt and pain. He is a good good Father. He is a just God, and He loves His children!

With everything going on this week my cup was definitely filling pretty empty. And God knew I was in need of a refill. This week Bre'Gail and I got the chance to have a group discussion with five wonderful ladies. God knew that I needed this opportunity to fellowship with these beautiful mothers. I did not want to give the enemy any chance to speak lies to me in this moment of weakness. Some of these ladies are married and some are single, but all of these ladies are walking boldly, freely, and faithfully every day through Christ.

I admire each of these women and the amazing things that they are doing. They are raising beautiful black boys and girls while wearing many different hats.

If you are feeling like I am this week take time to yourself. Take time to refill. You can not pour into the lives of your children or husband if your cup is empty.

Take a minute, 19 to be exact to listen to part one of our panel discussion. Part 2 will be coming to you later this week. Enjoy! And have a blessed week!



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