Letter to my younger self ( Journey to Self Love)

Last week we discussed a part of my journey in finding self-love, but being bold, bald, and beautiful is only a glimpse of my story. My journey of self-love includes so much more, and I am going to attempt to share more of it with you. Last month one of my old high-school classmates posed a challenge to her followers to write a letter to their younger self. I, of course, took the challenge but would like to elaborate.

Growing up, I was this sensitive, high yellow, skinny, tall girl that always felt out of place. As a child and for some time in my adulthood, I didn’t have a sense of belonging, especially when it came to my family. I never felt like I was enough. Honestly, if I am transparent, I didn’t feel loved by anyone besides my mom. From a very young age, I always felt like I was an outcast. I felt like no one wanted to be around me. My grandmas, aunts, and uncle all had their favorites, and I, of course, didn’t fall in that list. I was what most considered a cry baby. Lol heck, I guess much hasn’t changed in that area because I’m still a cry baby. LOL what can I say? I can’t help it! My feelings get hurt easily, and I’m so sensitive beyond what most of you could imagine and even though I had my own problems, I still felt deeply for others and sympathized with what those around me may have been going through. I am very optimistic, and I always look for the good in others. I have a big heart and genuinely care for others, and its just apart of who I am. So I held onto hope that one day it would change and it eventually did. I used to question why God had made me the way he made me. This skinny boney little girl with short hair whose feelings got hurt easily and who cried a lot. I soon realized it was because I was strong enough to handle it. As the tears fell, many of nights. I felt broken, free, yet secure, and alone all in one.

Looking back on my life, if I could go back and write a letter to myself up until this point, it would say.

So B.F.F.‘s I leave you with this thought: Never doubt who God created you to be. Everything that you have ever been through in life was necessary.

As always, with love, grace and happy face I love you and I’ll see you next week.


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