How to become a home owner?

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I can't believe it but it is the last week of July, and we have five months left in this year. As this month comes to an end we wanted to touch on the topic of homeownership. This has been a personal goal of mine for the last two years. Yes, I said two years! I'm sure like many of you I was tired of renting and quickly thought that I was ready to start the homebuying process. However, I was not fully aware of what that process looked like or even where to begin. Luckily I didn't have to venture far to ask for wisdom and guidance in this area as my parents have owned two homes.

Their first home was a small starter home with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a basement with a small office. A portion of the basement was unfinished. As a child, I watched them finish the basement adding another room and bathroom to their first home. Cha-Ching!

Their second home was built from the ground up. As a teenager, I watched in amazement as my parents went through this difficult process. They worked tirelessly with contractors, mortgage lenders, and their realtor to complete the home of their dreams. The home that they still reside in today.

Witnessing first hand their obedience and their due diligence to steward over the things God had blessed them with, I knew that I would accomplish this too.

But the enemy quickly tries to tell you differently. Twisting what has been placed in your heart and making it seem unattainable.

How could I become a homeowner?

I was a single mother of three. At times I struggled to make ends meet. There were often more days in the month then there was money in the bank. Even though this was true my parents encouraged me to meet with a mortgage lender to see what I could afford. And to my surprise, I could afford a lot more if I took the necessary actions to clean up my credit, and begin to save.

That was it? That was all I had to do? So I began to work on my credit, save money, and continually do this day after day, month after month. I have not purchased my starter home yet but I will!

If becoming a homeowner is something you desire too, I urge you to listen to our interview with Ti'Juana Hardwell this week. She shares with us why she chose to become a realtor, and what individuals can do to start the home buying process and how they can live in a home of their dreams.

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