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In our household, my children have an Xbox one gaming system. So in this section, I am just going to go over a few household rules we follow.

#1. Set playtime limits-If you allow children to play it all day then they will play on it all day. Give them a time frame and use it as a reward system.

#2.Keep the console in a social space- We keep our game system in the living room. The Xbox One will play DVD's and Blu-ray discs, so we also take advantage of having it in the living room under the TV during our family movie time. I've learned by keeping the game console in a visible space that I can monitor and have access to what my kids are playing. I take this time to watch, ask many questions lol and sometimes I even join in

#3. Get involved- I don't know much about the game console but I love basketball, and anytime my kids are playing 2K17 or NBA live 18 I take advantage of the opportunity to put an old-fashioned whooping on them with my favorite teams. Lol who am I kidding, More than likely they beat me on the Xbox, but that's okay because mommy is going to win in real life.

I enjoy spending this quality time bonding with my sons and doing something that they enjoy.


NBA LIVE 18,19, 2K17-20 and Madden18-20 are a few of the great Xbox 1 games for the little ones.

Xbox 1 Gaming console

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