Family Night

In our household, my children know that each Friday evening is Family Night. Each Friday we decide to play a board game, we rent a movie, and make a meal together.

Some of our favorite games are Sorry and Uno. I recently purchased Jenga for us to play, and the kids love it! I think playing a board game helps to teach children so many skills, such as counting, coming up with strategies, problem-solving, and the list goes on. I believe so many of these skills can't be taught through playing video games.

Oh yeah, don't forget to turn off the television, and put away the cellphones so no one is distracted. Talk to your child or children about the things going on in their world. Be present, and show them no mercy. LOL!

So turn off the television, and give Family Nights a try!

If you and your children have something similar to our Family Nights, share it with us. What are some of your favorite games to play with your children? When is Family Night at your house? Don't forget to share it with us on social media by using the hashtag bff family game night. #bfffamilynight

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