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Hey everybody!

I hope you all have had an awesome Sunday! Let me first tell you the enemy did not want me to post our most recent interviews! Of course everything that could go wrong went wrong! My internet was moving extremely slow! Youtube was taking forever to upload the videos! And my computer's hard drive was full! I was so ready to throw my computer in the trash and just say forget it!

But I knew the gems that these interviews possed. I had to share them with you all!

Before I introduce our next interviewee I want to say, women you all are AMAZING! We are amazing! We are starting businesses, we are writing blogs, taking care of children, being great women of god, and the list goes on.

All of you amazing women inspire me to keep pushing and keep going. So if this week has been difficult or you've found yourself getting a little frustrated, first tell the enemy to go back to the pits of hell that he crawled out of, second take a moment and breathe, and know you are doing an amazing job. You are the daughter of the most high King and you were born to be great!

This week Bre'Gail and I had a chance to interview another amazing mother, Tiara Frazier. Tiara is the mother of a very active and handsome young boy. Tiara works extremely hard and even in the midst of a pandemic Tiara has managed to start her own online business. But she shares that after having her son she struggled to figure out what her purpose was. As she spent more time with God she slowly discovered her purpose.

Her business Ohemma's Market is soon to launch. Tiara sells authentic African headwraps, waist beads, Ankara fans, and whipped shea butter. Don't wait another minute, sign up for her email list so you can purchase these great items. You can also show your love and support by following her on Instagram.

I am so inspired by Tiara and the many hats that she wears and the boldness that she walks in. She is a true inspiration! Ladies as I have said before get your pencil and paper ready for this amazing interview. Tiara shares great advice with us all!

If you found this post valuable share it with a friend, so they too can become a part of our B.F.F. crew.

Love and Peace,


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