Don't Turn Back

Hey B.F.F. family,

Happy one-month anniversary! We have been blogging and sharing our testimony with you all for one month! It is just the beginning of so many awesome things to come!

Happy National Women's History Month! What a great time to be a woman!

I can't believe it's already March.

I'm not sure how your January and February went but mine was a little rocky. February Bre' Gail and I started our blog. This was something that I knew God had placed on our hearts. From the moment we posted our website a weight had been lifted and my emotions were on 10. We had finally started! Things were looking up! And it had to get better. Things would be easier from this point moving forward, right?

I figured what God had called us to do from that point on would be easy. Making our weekly posts, sharing our testimony, sharing our tips, and travels would be easier. We had finally started. But I underestimated the enemy.

The enemy who comes to kill, steal, and destroy all things he sets his eyes on. I thought he had given up the moment we had started. And I was wrong. The enemy is working to distract you, to steal your peace, your joy at any and all cost.

I didn't understand what had happened, and why things weren't getting better from that point on. We had obeyed what God had asked of us. Things should be easier, right?

But I type these words to you so that you Don't Turn Back. That you too don't underestimate the enemy.

Yes, you may have started but realize the enemy has not stopped, and he won't stop! But know that God has created you and you are in a fixed fight. You have already won!

You are strong!

You are brave!

You are courageous!

You are all that God has created you to be! You have everything you will ever need right now. You may not feel strong but you are strong through Christ who strengthens you!

Be brave like Recy Taylor! Taylor spoke out against a group of white men during a time when she was told to remain silent. Taylor had been kidnapped and sexually assaulted. She testified against the men who had assaulted her.

Be courageous like Mae Jemison! Jemison was the first African American woman to travel in space. You too could be the first! God has place some unique in you!

Be fearless like Bessie Coleman! Coleman was the first African American and the first Native American woman pilot.

These women are just like you and me. Even though things may be difficult right now remember, Don't Turn Back! Don't go back to what was comfortable. Don't go back because you may feel frustrated! Write your name in the history books just like these beautiful women.

Live out your God-given purpose. And we will all speak of your name one day and the amazing impact you too left on this Earth.

Love and Peace to you all B.F.F. family,

Brittany Banks

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