Day 6 ✨💛

Day 6 of our 30 days of Thankfulness Challenge

I got so busy yesterday and forgot to post Day 6 of thankfulness.

The other day, I was watching television and the show I was tuned into was sharing a powerful story of conjoined twins. The parents shared their journey of being parents to these beautiful girls. After 24 grueling hours in surgery the girls were successful separated.

In that moment, I found myself overwhelmed with emotions and gratitude.

At 19, I was pregnant with twins. I was blessed to birth them into this earth with no complications. The girls spent 10 days in the hospital, and haven’t missed a beat since they entered this world. As I watch them grow, I am grateful and honored to be their mother.

A few years later, I would be blessed again to birth a son into the world. Although, he too was a premie you definitely couldn’t tell that now. I am grateful to be his mother too, his protector, his number one fan!

I enjoy this journey of motherhood. It’s highs and it’s lows. I am thankful that my children are healthy, smart, and drive me crazy every other day of the week.

What are you grateful for?

Share it with us

We would love for you to join us on this journey of thankfulness.

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