Day 5 💛

Day 5: Thankful challenge

Today I am thankful for strength! This strength that I know only God can give! The strength to keep pushing past every adversity and to not throw in the towel. This strength that I didn't even know I had...These last few months have been hard on us all, but God is a keeper, and while we may have felt some pain, I want to remind you that pain always has a purpose. So that means sometimes you have to address the cause of the pain and fix it. I am also thankful that trouble does not last aways! Sometimes we can let this thing we call life get the best of us, but I am here to encourage you; I'm here to tell you all to hold on because better days are coming!

As always, we love you all, and we are praying that you live a Bold, Free, and Faithful life in Christ.

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