Day 13: time got away from me 😬, but here it is 💛

Hey, Bff’s! On day 13, time got away from me, but I am grateful for all of my family and friends! We are filled with different opinions and lifestyles, but we are close as close can be! We love each other past the flaws and differences. My Family sticks together through thick and thin, and we always show up for one another.

I am grateful for my kids; they keep me on my toes, full of life, and there is never a dull moment in my house.

I am thankful for a praying mother; she has always covered me. Given her all and made many sacrifices for my sisters and me. As I've stated before, She is the best example of what a loving, kind, and extraordinary mother is. She exemplifies what it means to be an (S)hero. She not only sets the bar high for being a great mother but also as a phenomenal woman! Most importantly, she taught us to call on Jesus! For that, I am always grateful! Words can't express how much my mom means to me, but I am thankful I can show her with my actions.

I am thankful for My daddy! My twin. The relationship we have and for loving me, helping, and just being my wonderful father. Daddy, you mean the world to me, and I love you so much!

I am thankful for my sisters that we have a bond that can't be broken and always come through for each other. I share a special bond with all five of them, and I'm thankful!

I am forever thankful for My BFF Banks! You have blessed me in so many ways; I'm not sure you understand! Whenever I needed a shoulder or a helping hand, you've always been there right by my side through the tears and laughter! Thanks for never judging me and always I mean ALWAYS being a listening ear and pouring into me( Life and words of encouragement)

To all of my friends and family, I love you all! More than you know. It's my prayer that I show you and tell you daily! Family is essential and one of the best gifts God has ever given.

My lovely Dea sent this prayer to me, and I'd like to share it with you all today

"Gracious God, so often I come to you listing my urgent petitions. With loving-kindness and faithfulness, you guide and provide. You bless me beyond my expectations and give me what I need in time and on time. My prayer today is for a much better memory of how You have heard and answered my petitions in the past.

I thank you, Lord, for the gift of life, for my relationship with You, for your grace and forgiveness, for my family and friends, for the privilege of work to do well, for problems and perplexities that's for me to trust You more, and for the assurance that You can use even the dark threads of difficulties in weaving the tapestry of my life."


Amen and Amen

As always, we pray that you are living a bold free, and faithful life in Christ!

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