Blessing in Disguise

Hey B.F.F. Ladies and Gents,

Another week has quickly flown by. And I want to say thank you to those subscribers and supporters that have endured the emotional roller coaster ride with me. For the past couple of weeks, life has been a series of ups and downs. Through this platform, Breezy and I always want to be honest and open with you all. Because that is what God has called us to do. Secondly, because it wouldn't be right to depict my life as a bunch of rainbows, butterflies, and roses because it's not. Now don't get me wrong the good always outweighs the bad. God is a good good father and He continues to keep us.

However, there are nights when things get tough. There are nights when I have literally laid in my bed and cried uncontrollably. And that was just a few days ago. As I wipe my tears from my face, I realize in those moments that God has built me for a time such as this. He has equipped me with everything I will ever need to fight the injustices in this world. He has given me the patience that I will need to raise my children. He has given me the authority to change and impact those in my community.

Even though your feelings may not align with God and His word you were formed and created for a time such as now. God has equipped you with all the things you need, so realize there is not giant you cannot defeat. No mountain you can climb. No valley you can't travel through. Trust and lean on the love and word of our Father.

This week Bre'Gail and I had the privilege to interview another amazing father. This man is very near and dear to my heart. I have known him for all of my life. He is more than just my cousin, he is like the big brother that I never really wanted. I am honored to be able to turn to him for advice on how to raise my son. He is truly breaking chains over our family legacy. He is a present and active father and takes pride in his family.

I admire and respect him and all that he does. Please take time out of your busy day to listen to this great interview you won't be disappointed.

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