Being a mom isn't just about having a child.

Hey B.F.F.'s It's a brand new month, and this month on our blog, we are going to hear from various mothers as they share their testimonies and their journey of motherhood. We can learn so much from each other when we are honest, open, and transparent. In other words, "H.O.T." Realizing that no journey was meant to be traveled alone. As I was preparing to do this interview today, I ran into a few problems that tried to prevent me from accomplishing this very task. I could have easily gotten frustrated because nothing was going the way I expected or needed it to go, but God!! Where there is a will, there is a way! So instead of a recorded zoom video as I had planned, this interview will be a written transcript based on our zoom conversation. At the beginning of the interview, I introduced myself as one half of Boldly, Freely, and Faithfully living through Christ ladies. I then stated that we wanted to take this time to allow other mothers the chance to share their testimonies and journeys of motherhood with us, and prayerfully, their stories could help or encourage someone else.

Bre'Gail: Hey boo! I know who you are but for the sake of our followers tell me more about yourself.

Demonica: Hi! My name is Demonica Muga. I am 34 years old and have been married to Chris for 12 years next month. Our family consists of six kids, four girls and two boys with ages ranging from 20 to 6. (I know thats a big age difference) What can I say about my family? There's never a dull moment in the Muga house! Having a big family has its challenges, but I can honestly say I wouldn't change it for the world!

Bre'Gail: So, with that being said, we will jump right into it. How do you balance being a mother and making time for yourself?

Demonica: It's very rare that I get time to myself unless I leave the house, but since I'm a homebody, I rarely do. There are a few occasions; for instance, when I go get my nails done, I go by myself, or if I go to the store, I can sometimes get away with alone time then as well. When Chris is home, I get a little break but not much of one.

Bre'Gail: Oh, the joys of being a mother! So in your opinion, what is the best thing about being a mom? Demonica: The best thing about being a mom is honestly my kids. As soon as I walk in the house, all of their faces light up. They instantly run to me and love on me. Whether I am watching their face light up from seeing me or if they're giving me hugs, my kids make me feel like I'm worth something, even at my lowest point. So the best thing about being a mom is having my kids! Bre'Gail: That's so sweet, so if you had to define motherhood in three words, what would you say? Demonica: Best title ever! Being a mom isn't just about having a child. Being a mom means that you put someone else's life ahead of yours. It's about sacrifice, and it's about taking care of what you created. It's about raising respectful human beings.

Bre'Gail: That's so good! I like that being a mom is most definitely one of the best titles I also have. Demonica: In my eyes, being a mom, you take on the role of being your child's everything, but remember you are their mother 1st and friend 2nd...

Bre'Gail: Amen! So that brings me to my next question. What advice would you give to single mothers or mothers in general? I know a lot of times looking in from the outside; we (single mothers) tend to think that being married makes it so much easier. Demonica: Being a mother is hard, no matter what. So my advice to single mothers is, you got this. Yes, it's hard, and yes, it's frustrating, but you can do it. Whether the dad is there or not, you have to do what you have to do to make sure that you and your kids are straight. Don't settle down with someone just because you had a baby together. That's not a good enough reason. Bre'Gail: I agree a hundred percent! Demonica: No matter if your single, married, or engaged, mothers are the primary parent. I have Chris, but our kids still come to me for absolutely everything. It gets on my nerves, but it's a comfort thing. They know they can always come to mom no matter what. Bre'Gail: That is so true, as a single parent, I am all my kids have at the present moment, so I get that. What is your greatest fear while raising your children? Demonica: My greatest fear as a mom or any parent, in general, is something or someone trying to take my kids away from me. I realized it was my biggest fear when mercy almost drowned. Seeing my kid lying in a medically induced coma broke my heart. Physically she was there but so far away, and there was nothing I could do to comfort or help her. I put the entire situation in God's hands. I prayed every single chance I got. I prayed in every corner in her hospital room, and in the er with her while the nurses and Drs were poking her. They had to work around me so I could cry for help. Seeing your child hurting and knowing you can't do anything to help them made me feel so worthless, but God heard my pleas and healed my baby. Bre'Gail: Amen! God is good. So on the flip side of having fears and on a more positive note, what do you want or wish most for your children? Demonica: I want my kids to succeed in life. Chris and I have laid the foundation, and we want them to go further than we did. Chris has his bachelor's; the kids have to go for their masters. We have a decent size house and nice cars, but our prayer is that they have bigger and nicer cars. It is our prayer that they go beyond what we did and not settle for what we have. Go bigger!! Bre'Gail: I heard that! So as we bring this to a close, Demonica in what ways are you boldly, freely, and faithfully living through Christ? Demonica: Honestly, Breeze, faith over fear. God has brought me too far for me not to have faith in him. He healed my daughter; even though I struggle from time to time, he got me through my mom's death. He hears me when my heart is heavy, and when I'm begging him for help. Every day, I thank him for all that he's done for us, our health, and our safety—just everything. I wouldn't be where I am or the way I am today without God. He's proved to me every day that he's what we need. I have nothing but faith that he'll take care of us. Bre'Gail: Amen! Demonica, you look beautiful as always, and thank you for your time! I love you, and miss you! Thank you for sharing with us your journey of motherhood and being honest, open and transparent. It is our prayer that it not only bless someone else but will also encourage them to keep striving for the greatness God has placed inside of them. Demonica: You're welcome. I Love and Miss you too! Talk to you later.

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