Happy June B.F.F.'s! Have you read our latest blog post? God is a Keeper: He has been there ever

Last month Brittany and I used our platform to talk to mothers from all walks of life, and this month we are going to talk to the fathers. It is our prayer that during this time as we speak with each dad, it will give us insight and perspective to a day in the life of a man, a brother, a son, a friend, and a father. All month long, we want to celebrate these men who are doing exceptional jobs and are amazing fathers who live Boldly, Freely, and Faithfully through Christ.

Please take a moment to listen to Matthew discuss the joy he has as he is now a father of a beautiful little girl who has him wrapped around her finger. Matthew also tells us how he lives Boldly, Freely, and Faithfully through Christ by just being who he is.

Matthew operates in confidence, realizes that God is a keeper and doesn’t let outside factors influence his decisions that could affect anything he has going in the long run.

Take a moment to actually to sit, watch, and listen to it. Don't just read this passage and click off. Get to know this son, brother, father, employee, friend, and proud, educated black man: Matthew Pearson.






Be blessed and encouraged, and until next time with love, grace, and a happy face, we hope and pray that you are living a bold, free, and faithful life in Christ.

******Click the picture to head over to our latest blog post God is a Keeper: He has been there every step of the way!*****

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