In a moments time

People fear what they don't understand so here's a quick revelation.

As a parent, it is frustrating when your kids don't listen. You fuss and yell, and nothing seems to do the trick. It's amazing how God can get your attention. I've learned to take heed to God's signs. One day I had an epiphany when my kids weren't listening to me. I felt like everything I said to them was going in one ear and out the other. My nerves were awful, and I couldn't understand the reason for the life of me. Why were my kids not listening? Why was it so bad? In a moment on my way to work as I prayed in the car, I heard a still voice whisper to me. The same way your children have not been listening to you is the same way you have been doing me! Just like that, at that moment, it all became so clear.

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