Have you ever?

Have you ever felt like you were in sinking sand? Nowhere to go, nowhere to turn, not a person in sight to lend a hand.

Have you ever felt like you were suffocating, and you couldn't breathe? Gasping for air, but there was no one around to remove the hands of life from around your neck. It seems as if this was fate that you couldn't escape.

Have you ever felt like no one loved you!? You've looked for love high and low, and like the saying, it can't even be sought in all the wrong places. It seems as if it's nowhere, you go.

Have you ever felt like you were deserted and all alone? Like you were basking in the sun, left out hanging to dry. You've dissected every reason and can't figure out why!

Have you ever felt like why is this the cards I've been dealt? What did I do to deserve this, SOS someone please help!

Have you ever thought, why did this happen to me? Some days I can't even get out of bed, I just drop to my knees.

Have you ever felt like I know I'm an upstanding person, but gosh, I can't catch a break! With all that's going on, sometimes I feel like I'm not in a good mental state.

Have you ever felt lost and outside of God's will? Let me tell you, that's not a place you ever want to be! Let's just keep it real.

Have you ever thought to yourself get up, get up! You can't stay here! You've been wallowing in sorrow and fear; there's nowhere to go but up from here!

Have you ever knew life would get better, you have to hold on. Once you get past these trials...LIFE DOES GO ON!!

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