A Mothers Prayer

A Mothers Prayer is to never fail. To teach her children to do right and to raise them well. A mother's prayer is to be able to give her children her all. To nurture, to protect and to help them when they fall. To teach them to get up, dust themselves off and stand up tall. A mother’s prayer is for guidance and for God to see her children through. To love them unconditionally and to raise them to be better than you. A mothers prayer is to make it the through the good and the bad. Teaching her children that the sun is still shining even when they're sad. A mother's prayer is never to give up! She teaches them never to forget they've been bought with a price. To teach them they can do all things through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. A mother's prayer is to illustrate the difference between wrong and right. To never lay down and to not give up without a fight.

A mother's prayer is for her children to dream big. To inspire them and let them enjoy life, just being a kid. A mother's prayer will have you up all night,

praying in warfare when you sense down in your spirit something just isn't right. A mother's prayer is full of love and tears

but no matter what it will continue for years, but most of all a mother's prayer is for her children to conquer their fears.

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