10 Things to do on Spring Break

Hey B.F.F. sisters, (Brothers too!)

If you are anything like me this spring break was definitely not in your plans. Normally, I'd be at the beach, visiting family, somewhere other than at home. But I am grateful! I am grateful for this time. What a great time to be alive. What a great time for the presence of God to be shown in your home. When the world around us is in fear you can stand-in faith. When there seems to be no hope left in this world you can be a helping hand to someone.

So if your spring break plans were canceled or you are struggling to keep the kids entertained without completing breaking the bank, I have a list of 10 things you and the family can do to keep busy.

1. Journaling

  • As a fifth grade teacher, it is so important that your child has many, many opportunities outside of school to practice basic skills like reading, writing, and math. With many school districts closing for extended times do not let this break be a loss of skills for your child.

  • Let your child purchase a new journal, a few fancy pens, pencils, markers, and colored pencils. (Dollar Tree, Five Below are great places to go!)

  • Model for your child. Turn off the tv, play some music, and write! Write until your hand hurts.

2. Floor Plan to Redesign their room

  • If your child's room is in need of some sprucing up let them design how they may want their room to look like.

  • Paint a wall

  • Get some new decor

  • Put up some new photos

  • Have fun! Let them put their own personal design touch on their room

3. Nature Walk

  • No cellphones on your walk

  • Talk with your child about the beautiful things you all see

  • Collect items on your walk - like leaves, flowers, pinecones

  • Have your child draw a picture or write about their favorite part of their walk

4. Spring Cleaning

  • Donate too little clothes, shoes, and toys (Children Home's are great places to donate too. Call ahead to see what the requirements are for donating items)

  • Have children help with inventory the items

  • Help with household chores

  • Use the "If, Then" method - IF children can help with this chore THEN we can do something fun (Give them a few options to choose from, and let them choose what they would like to work towards.)

5. Baking or Cooking

  • Take a deep breathe it's okay if they make a mess, that's the fun part

  • Challenge: Pretend you are on Chopped. Force the kids to use certain ingredients to make something

6. Scholastic - Free Resources online https://classroommagazines.scholastic.com/support/learnathome.html

  • Due to the many school closing Scholastic (A great teacher resource!) has released daily projects or activities you can do at home with your children

  • Click the link to see some of their ideas

7. Create their own game

  • The Dollar Store is a great resource for children. You can purchase poster boards and materials to make a fun original game for the family to play

  • Children can write out the rules to the game, and how to play

8. Art project (from household items)

  • Many children love to make slime and in most cases, it's pretty simple if you have the items at home

  • If not find some old items at home that your child might be able to use like shoeboxes, paper, pens, pencils, or tape. Get in touch with your inner child and have fun!

9. Family Game

  • Dust off those old board games, and challenge your children to a few games

  • Purchase a new or favorite game you use to play as a child

  • Show no mercy! LOL!

  • If you lose, take your loss like a champ.

  • Karaoke or dance battles are also great games to play

  • Have your own America's Got Talent right in your living room

10. Create a movie

  • Using your cellphone create your own movie

  • Have children create script, costumes for their movie

  • Have a movie premiere night. Have the family get dressed up and watch the featured film.

Ultimately, Be grateful!

  • Take a moment to really ponder on the things that you are most grateful for.

  • Make a list of these items

  • Keep them posted somewhere you can see it each day

  • Add to the list as the days go on

In spite of the massive fear, hysteria, and pandemic that is sweeping our nation. What are you most grateful for? Leave a comment below.

I hope this list is helpful to all the parents out there. If this helped you share it with a friend.



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