Wise words from Nanny

Hi B.F.F, followers. Today I just wanted to drop a few jewels that my Nanny gave to me.

As I sat down in casual conversation, talking to her about my life and everything I was going through at the moment. She had these very straightforward words of advice for me. Stop giving one hundred percent of yourself to everyone around you. You have to save twenty-five percent for yourself because if you give them all of you, then when they get up and leave, they've taken everything you have with them. Don't get me wrong, it's okay to be selfless and love those around you, but you have to keep some love in the chamber for yourself! Keep God first, then you and yours second. Sometimes those that are around you will drain you if you let them. So if you keep twenty-five percent, you will have some power to keep going when or if they walk away.

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