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Demonica Muga

You exude strength and determination to push through any obstacle life may throw at you. There is so much that could be said about you but today we shine a light on how devoted, generous, considerate, and fierce you are. You are a straight shooter w/ your words & how you feel, and you don't play any games when it comes to your children, family, or anyone you love for that matter. These are all great qualities of a loving mother, so for these reasons, this week, we are crushing on you! (Jan. 4)

Cassandra Enlow

You are a beautiful wife, mom, and beauty influencer, who is very classy, and we admire your style. Not only are you extremely versatile, but you always carry yourself with confidence, poise, and grace. You depict self-care and self-love, and you always give us life with your #churchfashion. For these reasons, this week, we are crushing on you.(Nov. 30)

Jolon Hamilton

Never doubt who you are as a woman or a mom because you are a beautiful, strong, and commendable woman. You exude such strength and diligence in all that you do and we adore women like you. Your life speaks volumes without you ever having to say a word. Keep being an example and giving hope to other mothers. Believe it or not, we are watching you, and for these reasons, this week, we are crushing on you.(Nov. 23)

Tiara Willis

Being a mother is not always easy but you make it look effortless. You are a beautiful soul inside and out. You are constantly grinding and working hard for your children. You are laying a foundation for them that no one dare destroy. Continue pushing and working hard for them every day! For these reasons, we are crushing on you! (Nov. 9)

Elena Gill

You are so vibrant and full of life. You have such a beautiful spirit; your energy is contagious, merely stunning inside and out. We see the joy that being a mother brings to you is overflowing with love, kindness, and patience. Keep being an inspiration E! For these reasons, this week we are crushing on you! (Nov. 2)

Renee Smith

You are one of the strongest women I know. Strong in faith with a caring nature. Day in and day out, you sacrifice and take care of others. You are a woman that is so selfless, beautiful inside and out! A loving mother, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend! The strength you possess is God-given, and you have a heart of gold! For these reasons, this week, we are crushing on you! Happy Birthday! (Oct. 19)

April Hopson

You have always been an easy-going free spirit with such a big heart, and to know you is to love you! There is a joy that comes from your infectious laugh, and It has been a pleasure to watch you blossom into such a boss! You are a great friend, daughter, and mother, and we admire your work ethic and drive. For these reasons, this week, we are crushing on you! (Oct. 12)

Christina Summers

You are such a joy to be around. Your smile, joy, and laughter light up every room you enter. You have a light that can't be hidden or dimmed. In fact, you are a beautiful reflection of your mother. You are a model of selflessness because you always pour into and impart to others. For these reasons, this week, we are crushing on you!. Keep crushing it! (Oct. 5)

Shonda Hunt

You are a strong, beautiful, and resilient mother! No matter what cards you’ve been dealt, you've always found a way to play a winning hand! In our eyes your strength speaks volumes and it doesn't go unnoticed! When you want to give up, we are here to tell you to push through. You're stronger than you know and It may feel like no one understands at times but we want you to know that we see you! Keep being a great mom to your beautiful babies! For these reasons, we're crushing on you! (Sept. 21)

Corie Griffin

You are such a silly, creative, and hardworking woman who makes it effortless to get know you and love you. You are direct, driven and determined to always get the job done. We admire your passion for what you do as an educator and your daughter is blessed to have such a beautiful example of love that you display daily. For these reasons, this week we are crushing on you! (Sept. 14)

Ta'Vianna Polley-Davis

We admire the courage, strength, and tenacity that you have. You are breaking down barriers and showing your daughter and other little girls all over the world that they can be and do anything they put their minds to. You are the definition of Black Girl Magic, and we love to see it! Thank you for being an outstanding public servant. Keep showing the world what you are made of! For these reasons, this week, we are crushing on you! (Sept. 7)

Keria Paschal

The heart you have for others is uncommon and exudes such joy that we know it is one that only God can give. Your children are blessed to have a mother who is running after God's heart. In a world that is often so dim, you shine a light that is so bright. Our prayer is that you never dim your light and always allow God to lead because it is for all the world to see. For these reasons, this week, we are a reflection of your light, and we are crushing on you! (Aug. 31)

Raya Sharkey

You exuberate beauty that is infectious to all those around you; it can't help but radiate on the inside and out! The drive and determination you display as a mother encourages other women never to give up. We can all take a page out of your book and always strive to accomplish everything we set our minds to. Thank you for being a beautiful soul, and for these reasons this week, we are crushing on you. (Aug. 24)

Nahanna Chambers

We admire women like you, who means what she says and says what she means! You always speak your mind, and you live life on your terms. Even though this road isn't an easy path, you make it look effortless. We respect your grind and know that there is nothing you wouldn't do for your family. You are a beautiful mother who will go to the ends of the earth to make sure your son is well taken care of, and for these reasons, this week, we are crushing on you! (Aug. 17)

Samantha Lopez

One should never estimate anyone by their size, as you know what they say: big things come in small packages, and we couldn't agree more when it comes to you. You are a fearless mama and protector who is patient, strong, selfless, genuine, and hardworking. For these reasons amongst just being who you are, this week, we are crushing on you! (Aug. 10)

Brantay Anderson

Tay, patience is a virtue, and your fortitude is an excellent quality to have. Your sweet spirit is so contagious, and we admire the patience and love you have for your children and family. Your mild and meek mannerism should not be taken as a weakness but rather as a delicate strength because you are a force to be reckoned with. For these reasons, this week, we are crushing on you. (Aug. 3)

Quotonya Hunt

We admire you for being the Boss Lady you are! As my mom would put it, a BOSS wife, mom, grandma, sister, aunt, niece, cousin, and friend! You are a MOM figure to everyone you meet, and there is not anything you wouldn’t do for those you love. It has been amazing watching you live life to the fullest. Thank you for being so selfless and generous, and for this reason this week, we are crushing on you! (July. 27)

Ashley Deaver

Being a mom is not about being perfect; it is about being present, loving, and a good steward over what God has placed in our care. You are an amazing mom, teacher, and a great friend. We admire your raw and free-spirited personality. You are such a beacon of light and a beautiful example of God's love. For these reasons, alongside your sweet and authentic spirit this week, we are crushing on you! (July 20.)

Jasmine Mitchell

You are a phenomenal mother who's beauty shows not only on the outside but on the inside too. You constantly pour into the lives of your children, family, and friends. Your joy and laughter fills any room you are in. Thank you for always being you. For these many reasons that's why we are crushing on you! (July 13)

Michelle Scales

We love that you are unapologetically you. We admire your strength and how hard you go for your family. You are a straight forward, hard-working, no-nonsense mama! You call it as you see it, and we love that you don’t take any mess from anyone,for this reason, this week we are crushing on you!(July 6.)

Allante' Garrett

You are an amazing mother who's "Go Get" attitude is always on 100! We admire your drive and ambition. Always putting your children and family first! You won't stop until you have achieved all you desire and more. Keep grinding and smiling bright because you are killing it! And for these reasons this is why we are crushing on you this week! Love and blessing to you and yours! (June 22)

Porsha Carr

You make multitasking look easy. Dev and Aaliyah are the direct result of your abundance of love. They are truly amazing kids. The joy and laughter that you bring to those around you is exactly what the world needs more of. This is why this week we are crushing on you. (June 1)

Ebony ''Nikki" Ellison

We admire your drive and the go-getter attitude that you have. It is a blessing to see first hand the fruit of what hard work and determination looks like. We know that you are going to make it happen by any means necessary, and this week, we are crushing on you.(May. 25)

Kelsey Martin

I remember as kids, you were always involved in so many things. Whether it was at church, cheerleading, or in school, you excelled in them all, and now that we are adults, you can add being a great mom to the top of your list. You are an amazing mother to Kamden, and your love for him is evident in everything that you do! For this reason, this week we are crushing on you. (May. 18)

Shante McGill

You are an amazing mom to three beautiful girls & we love that you are an exemplary example of what it means to be a mother. You have such a big heart, and you represent to so many other single moms what perseverance, hard-work, selflessness, gentleness, and understanding as a mother looks like. There is not a day that goes by where you haven't put the needs of your children before yourself. So, for this reason, this week we are crushing on you! (May. 11)

Ina Dean

As long as we have known you, you have always been so kind and outgoing. We truly admire your sweet and loving spirit that is so infectious. You grind and work so hard for your family; always keeping them first! For these reasons this is why we are crushing on you! (May. 4)

Sierra Eugene

You are such a beautiful soul & as an army wife, stay at mother of 4, and woman of God, we admire how you wear many hats with such grace and poise. We love that you allow the world to see a glimpse of what life with the Eugenes is like via your social media platform. You have a beautiful family & as you put it, it's one filled with a LIFE(Levi) TIME(Tate) of LOVE(Lola) and CARE(Cade), and for this reason this week, we are crushing on you! (Apr. 27)

Antriana Means

You are a fantastic role model for young mothers, and this week, we'd like to toot your horn. We admire your hard work, dedication, and determination to succeed and beat all odds. You have overcome every obstacle life has thrown at you, and it is very commendable the way that you take care of your son. Congratulations on your recent graduation from nursing school, and for this reason this week, we are crushing on you. (Apr. 20)

Shamiqua Scott

Your selflessness & willingness to serve others in every capacity are incredible qualities to have, and you're an amazing mother,wife, future Chef, sister, and friend! It is not every day that you come in contact with someone who has a servant's heart. You continuously help others in love and do not expect anything in return because it came from the goodness of your heart. The world needs more people like you & for this reason this week, we are crushing on you! (Apr. 13)

Haylie Patton

You embody strength and resilience, which we admire because no matter what obstacles come your way, you always find a way to overcome it. We love the way that you are so free-spirited and how you enjoy every part of life and accept others with open arms. We love your beautiful family, and for this reason this week, we are crushing on you! (Apr. 6)

Veronika H.

We admire your strength and your determination to get the job done. Even in times like these you never complain. You are an amazing mother and you are raising an amazing son! You motivate me to never give up! You make it look so easy! This is why this week you are our Mom Crush! Keep Crushin' everything you do! (Mar. 30)

Whitney Metcalf

Not only are you a beautiful mother, but you are also a fabulous Nurse. It is in times like this that your selflessness shines through. Thank you for your never-ending diligence. Your dedication and sacrifices don't go unnoticed. God sees you, and it is our prayer that he continues to bless you for being a blessing! So THANK YOU again, You are amazing, & for this reason this week, we are crushing on you. (Mar. 30)

Tori Edwards

You are a beautiful mom, who works, goes to school, and still manages to have time to run your own business. We admire all of your hard work and dedication that is displayed through your social media post and how great you are with your handsome son. We love the bond you two share. For this reason this week, we are crushing on you! (Mar. 23)

Ti'Juana Hardwell

Entrepreneur, Writer, Realtor, Teacher, and an amazing mom! You wear so many hats and you wear them all so well! No matter how far we move apart, I am so grateful that our daughters have forged a strong bond that will last for years to come. You are a great mother, who is raising a beautiful young lady, and this is why we are crushing on you! Keep being so amazing! (Mar. 16)

Savannah Borders

This Mom Crush Monday, our crush is, Savannah. You are an amazing mother raising a beautiful daughter who is so well rounded. You're such a beautiful person inside and out. You instill such great wisdom in your daughter & as your family continues to explore the world together, we pray that you keep creating priceless memories that can never be erased. For this reason this Monday, we are crushing on you! (Mar. 9)

Megan Freeman

Over these few years, I've had the pleasure of getting to know you as a basketball mom. Our sons have played on the same team together, which has allowed our friendship to blossom. You are a ray of sunshine, and now we're locked in forever. I admire your selflessness and dedication to your children & those around you. You are a great friend & even greater mother. Your children are blessed to have a mother like you! So, for this reason, this week we are crushing on you! (Mar. 2)

Saundra Bailey

You are a beacon of light leading and guiding young ladies along in their journey. You are an amazing example of a Godly woman. You are an amazing mother! The kids and I are so grateful to have you in our lives! I am excited to see what the years will bring as our friendship continues to grow. That is why this week we are crushing on you! (Feb. 24)

Kendra Stuever

Your strength to overcome every obstacle that has been thrown your way these last few months is admiring. You are a great mother and teacher! You've managed not to let life beat you down or throw in the towel! You are what perseverance looks like, and for this reason this week, we are crushing on you! (Feb.17)

Eboni Armstrong

You have done a fantastic job of being a wife and mom to 7. You’ve set the bar high and shown that nothing is impossible for all those who believe. You’ve exceeded all expectations and given mothers like us something to look forward to. With hard work and determination, you recently passed your Principal Certification Test. You overcame every obstacle that was thrown your way and succeeded against all the odds. Congratulations, and for this reason this week, we are crushing on you! (Feb.10)

Bre'Gail's Mom

My mom (Rossie) exemplifies what it means to be an (S)hero. She not only sets the bar high for being a great mother but also as a phenomenal woman! So this week, mom, I'm crushing on you! Love you, always and forever! (Feb. 3)

Brittany's Mom

I love you momma! You are an amazing mother and great example of the Proverbs 31 Woman. I admire your strength and the woman you are. This is why this week and every week, I am crushing on you! (Feb. 3)

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