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Friendship Goals

Not sisters by blood but sisters by heart. 

It’s crazy, but Bre'Gail and I have known each other since the fifth grade! We are now in our early 30's, and our friendship has truly grown into something beyond amazing. God has allowed us to see each other through our toughest times. On the flip side, we have been there for each other through so many of the good times. I can remember way back to those two ten-year-old girls playing basketball together meeting for the first time. Who would have known, that we would have been able to sustain an 20-year-old friendship?
On this section of our blog, we hope to share with you all the crazy stories, ways to enjoy your friendship such as travel suggestions, and ways to continue building your friendship.  
Again, we pray that our testimony blesses you and if it does, don't forget to share our blog with someone you know. 

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