Our Mission

Boldly, Freely & 
Faithfully (living through Christ).

Welcome to our B.F.F. lifestyle blog! Boldly, Freely and Faithfully living through Christ! We are Bre’Gail and Brittany, your B.F.F Ladies. Our mission and purpose of starting Boldly, Freely, and Faithfully living is to share our journey with other women that are working towards being great mothers, and women of God. By sharing our stories with you, we pray that it not only blesses you, but also encourages you to continue striving for the greatness that God has placed in you.

On our blog, we will share encouraging tips, prayers, and poems. We will share stories of the good, the bad, and all things in between. We pray that our testimony blesses you.

Comment and share our blog with anyone that needs an encouraging word to make it through.